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It’s easy to call yourself a creative. Its a term bandied around almost as much as “I’m a marketer” in our a field. But what does one have to do to truly call himself or herself a creative? Is it winning a pitch? Is it seeing your advert flight in the paper as 26×4.5? Is it sitting around discussing why client didn’t buy into to your half-baked, get-it-out-of-my-face idea?

Perhaps to most…for the rest of us, it can be described in many ways, all of which culminate into that one inexpressibly remarkable emotion.

That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when what you create is exactly what you saw in mind. The uncontrollable sensation that comes when you don’t even have to construct a complete sentence for your designer to know exactly what your idea is. It’s that moment during a creative review when the team goes to the worlds end to find fault only to return disappointed but motivated to up their game. That self-assuredness when you know it’s a done deal.

In my view, being creative isn’t so much a choice but the search for this emotion. So simple yet so rare…

The Creative Conundrum: Creativity vs. Revenue

In Zimbabwe now more than ever, many agencies are struggling to find the right balance. In my mind its simple, big ideas will bring in the big bucks. It’s far better to have a client who appreciates our role as advertisers and respects our way of thinking, than to have a client who cant see they’re throwing their money into “campaigns” which are incorrect from conception. While the stick is bigger and stronger than the carrot, the carrot always has to come first.


While I understand that good creativity never comes cheap, we should never compromise on our craft. Ultimately, you gain more respect for your creativity than your bank balance.

In Conclusion

To be completely honest, I felt I should rather share my philosophy (albeit in condensed form) on why we do what we do than list the hundreds reasons why as it stands, Zimbabwe will not move forward creatively. There needs to be concerted effort to reassert the value and purpose of our industry. Many clients find it easier to blame agency when they themselves haven’t taken the time to understand the market and where they want be. I think it all comes down to the Zimbabwe mentality of growing for today and hoping tomorrow will take care of care of itself. Many Zimbabwean brands are thankful to still be alive but is it enough to just be alive or shouldn’t they prescribe to a higher order?

Tino Borerwe
CW 1

Why are you such an asshole?

So the other day I was asked that very question and my first reaction was one of horror. Lucky me for me, being dark and it being at night; I’m sure the look on my face was grotesque. It was a bit of “Little Johnny Roger, how’s your father” kind of moment.

Anyway, as is customary, I immediately began to analyze the question searching for what society would deem a fitting response. I resisted the urge to throw a sarcastic quip just to knock her off balance but I realized it wasn’t her fault. As I looked deeper for the answer, this all happening in a split second, I thought back at what I had done in the moments leading up to this less than glamorous accusation. My brain was in over drive.

Then I narrowed my potential answers down to four.


  • I could be an asshole because I was in unfamiliar territory and was just trying to get to the social plateau that the majority people tend to congregate. But then what self-respecting man hides behind arrogance and petulance in awkward moments, justifying them as a “defense mechanism”? I mean really, who does that?
  • Ah crap, I’ve bin busted. Dammit! OMG you know me so well that you can tell when I’m being an asshole. Wait, you don’t. Not everyone I know has had the extremely uncomfortable pleasure of learning to judge a book by its cover. We’ve been taught all our lives not to do so but yet we do.

I will not coat my words with lumps of sugar
But serve them to our people with the bitter quinine.

- Frank Chipasula

All those facades and smoke screens we put up in orders to convince ourselves, but more importantly those around us are exactly that, bollocks and baby Mellons. And war stories and f***ings don’t cut it either.

  • The third possible answer was that someone had done something (and continues to do so) that pisses me off every time. That person really, really gets to the snarky, snide, asshole side and has no choice but to clap back. By my own admission, I have my moments, which are often uncalled for but always calculated. Nobody is ever on the receiving end without due reason (even if indirectly, just don’t take it personally, its just business).

Columbo see me and wanna lock it,

But I’m mutombo when i see imma block it!

- Beatz Galaw

  • That I’ve bin through a whole lotta shit, shit that I’m even afraid to admit to myself. Maybe when I’m a little older. But I had to grow up faster than most, but that’s no excuse and it’d be rude for me compare what I went through to anyone else’s life. I learnt from my peers that there is a whole world that we never see but sooner or later it’ll come knocking and if you don’t recognize it WAKWARA. All that teaches you is huge self-awareness and where you fit into the ZIM Asset doc of life. Your learn to not just protect but project. Sounds like some inception shit but its true. Try it one day. You have greater command of you surroundings than you realize.


I’m a writer so I like to think of myself as a ebony hued Hank Moody, bar the fame, success, temperamental baby mama, outta control young’un, banged up stallion, broken head board and mentally gesticulating best friend (no I got that last one). That’s the great thing about the imagination, I could be going insane but who cares? I live life with my heart on my sleeve and my pet dragon feeding the furnace in my soul. I never say sorry unless I mean it. If I did then I’m sorry coz I didn’t mean it (oops, my bad, I did it again).

So to sign off, what I can say is of the four, only one is completely true and correct, there’s a second that partly true but if you blink you’ll miss it. Through all the pandemonium it always seems that I always feel like shit before I feel better, but when I do, I always come out a better person. Like I said its not your fault but there’s still so much more to what we see everyday. Life is just one massive Kansas City shuffle and sometimes you think you’re the main character but you’re really just the one opening the curtains for the show.

P.S. Got chills from the least likely source, well at least for me





Take notes kids: this is how you sell a crappy car (Video)

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A very Funny Advert

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Car Park House in Echo Park Los Angeles.


The science of Siblings: I think this may have some element of truth to it

The science of Siblings: I think this may have some element of truth to it….
The Birth Order Effect

Tisu weMafaro

Tisu weMafaro, heavy


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